Physics Facial

Our signature facial uses low frequency electrical currents to vitalize and repair skin for a beautiful, natural glow. This treatment is customized to your specific skin profile and delivers immediate results.

treatment time: 1.15 hours

When done consistently, this treatment will reverse the effects of aging and sun damage. Many of my clients have been receiving this treatment on a monthly basis, turning back the clock, and everyone wants to know how they did it." - Melanie Simon

Chemistry Facial

This treatment has three stages, beginning with a small device called a Dermaroller™. This sterile roller uses microscopic needles to open tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. After the skin is aerated we saturate it with pure organic plant-based liquid stem cells, which repair damage and nourish skin. Once the skin is saturated, we complete the Chemistry Facial with a full nano current lifting treatment.

treatment time: 1.45 hours

This treatment has dominated my practice since its launch. I created it by combining 3 things that I knew could be most effective together: Dermaroller + Pure plant-based organic stem cells + My signature nano current facials. This treatment plumps and softens skin while evening out color and tone, leaving skin glowing and beautiful without major irritation. You will LOVE this treatment." - Melanie Simon

Algebra Facial

Our popular acne facial for children and teens has come to the rescue of our clients time and time again. It begins with an extraction process, followed by a nano current treatment specifically calibrated to kill bacteria. We then use a different nano current treatment to repair and heal acne-damaged skin, and finish with a special nourishing masque that is amplified with a final micro current treatment. Suitable for all types of acne.

treatment time: 1 hour

I struggle with acne myself and this treatment works on even the most resistant skin types. I have perfected this unique process over the last 12 years, spurred by my own search for clear skin, for which I would do ANYTHING! It is an intense treatment but I promise the results are well worth it." - Melanie Simon